Laser surgery

The Latest Technology

The LANAP® (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) protocol is an alternative to traditional gum surgery. It is a patient friendly, minimally invasive, painless way to treat periodontal disease at any stage.

The procedure, which is FDA-approved, uses a special kind of laser called the PerioLase® MVP-7™. The laser fiber, which is only about as wide as three human hairs, can distinguish between healthy and diseased gum tissue-- by its color. Infected tissue has a darker pigment than healthy tissue. The laser is inserted between the gum tissue and tooth, where it painlessly removes the harmful elements that cause gum disease.

There is no bleeding, no discomfort and no stitches. Of course, the gum tissue needs time to recover, regenerate and heal over the course of time, but after the treatment, you can drive your car, go back to work, or do anything else you like.

Laser treatment is especially beneficial for medically compromised patients who take medications such as aspirin, Plavix and Coumadin for heart disease and to prevent stroke. Since there is minimal to no bleeding involved with the laser, patients don’t have to discontinue use of these life-saving medications.

Post-operative instructions critical to the LANAP protocol include diet guidelines and oral hygiene instructions. Patients are monitored at periodic intervals and are encouraged to improve and maintain oral hygiene standards and three-month periodontal maintenance visits.

The good news is that the LANAP® Procedure is similar in cost to conventional surgery. Dental insurance carriers reimburse for the procedure being performed not the device used to perform it. Therefore, if your insurance company will reimburse you for conventional surgery, they will reimburse for the LANAP® Procedure.

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