Post-surgical instructions


 The following information has been prepared to help answer most of the questions you may have regarding your post-surgical care. Please read the instructions carefully.


When the anesthesia wears off, you may have discomfort from the surgery. Some tenderness is to be expected. Take the medication that has been recommended to you.  I.E. X-tra strength Tylenol or Motrin.

Antibiotics may be prescribed. Take as directed on the label and take until all tablets are used. Some antibiotics may upset your stomach.  Always have a little coating in your stomach prior to taking medication unless the prescription states to take on an empty stomach.  


A minimal amount of bleeding is normal.  The 1st 24-48 hours, if you taste blood, do not rinse or dab at the area.  Take a small amount of cold water and drink it down.  Rinsing the area will only wash away the clot that is trying to form.

 No hot food or liquid the first day- room temperature only. 

2nd day- temperature is not a concern.

In case of excessive bleeding, before calling the office, moisten a tea bag (regular tea) and apply constant pressure with your finger for 10 minutes without removing it.  The tanic acid in the tea will control the bleeding.  Then, call the office.


Swelling and bruising are not unusual after surgery. In order to prevent or decrease swelling, apply an ice pack to the outside of your face over the treated area (for twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off) for as much as you can before going to bed that night.  Elevate your head with an extra pillow at bed time to help decrease swelling.  Cover pillow case with a cloth in case you have some bleeding during the night.


No excessive exercise for 3 days after procedure.  This includes, lifting weights, jogging or doing anything that requires that you put your head below your knees.


Continue your usual plaque control procedures in the non-treated areas of your mouth.

Do not attempt to brush around the surgical site. If you have been given a prescription mouthwash, use as directed starting the day after the procedure.


Avoid eating on the treated side.

Do not eat any seeds or nuts until told otherwise-ex: poppy seeds, peanuts, popcorn, grainy breads etc.

 Do not use a straw during this period as this creates a vacuum in your mouth which may disturb the blood clot. 

soft, well-balanced diet is indicated after surgery and until you return to the office for your post operative examination. 

 Soft Diet

Milk shake/smoothies ok to blend with fruit except no berries or seeds – NO STRAWS

Ensure, slim fast nutritional drinks- NO STRAWS                                          Broth or creamed soup

Water ice, slushies- NO STRAWS                                                                  Mashed steamed vegetables

Cream of wheat, oatmeal malt o meal                                                          Mashed yams, baked sweet potato or butternut squash

Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes – ok with butter, sour cream                  Cottage cheese, cream or soft cheese

Mashed banana, avocado, applesauce or any mashed/blended fruit                Creamy peanut butter without solid pieced

except berries                                                                                              Pasta, fish

Eggs any style with or without melted cheese                                               Omelets can have cheese and avocado

Jell-o, pudding, ice cream, yogurt


DON’T chew gum, candy, cookies, chips, nuts, anything hard or crunchy,

DON’T chew anything that has seeds or hard pieces

DON’T eat meats that shred. They can lodge under the gum and between teeth

DON’T eat raw vegetables / salad.


 Please feel free to call our office at 215-563-7688 with any questions or concerns.  We want your experience to be as pleasant as possible.